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YES YES YES!!!  If you're not convinced, here are 10 reasons to be a dealer:

1.  Average profit per used vehicle is $1688, according to N.A.D.A. and many times you'll make more.  You only need to sell FIVE cars per month at that profit rate to make over $100,000 per year!

2.  California has more vehicles than any other state.

3.  High gas prices created a VERY HIGH demand for compact, sub-compact, small SUV's and cheap and reliable "transportation cars".  High gas prices are actually a good thing for car dealers (bad thing for suburban dealers though!).

4.  California has "year round good weather", which is great for car sales.

5.  Californians rarely use public transportation which increases the demand for cars.

6.  There are only about 15,000 dealers in California (Source: DMV website).  That's only 1 dealer for every 2,000 people.  Compare that with lawyers (there are over 200,000 lawyers, versus only 15,000 dealers!)

7.  California ranks #2 in the nation for number of dealer auctions.  We have tons of great dealer-only auctions.  There's a big auction in Hayward, Tracy, 2 in Sacramento, and more!

8.  EBAY has made it easy for dealers to advertise to a nation-wide audience.  Sales to nonresidents are easy... NO SALES TAX  AND NO REGISTRATION FEES TO COLLECT!

9.  If you offer financing and sell service agreements you can "double" your profit. (In class, we discuss details on how to get involved with financing and service agreement companies).

10.  California offers many types of auto-related occupational licenses such as retail, wholesale, autobroker, verifier, registration service, franchise auto dealer, rebuilder, salvage dealer, trailer dealer, recreational dealer, boat dealer, motorcycle dealer, manufacturer, distributor, etc.  (we discuss the differences in class!)


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Learn from the Best!  At Dealer Training Experts our instructor staff includes:

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Dealer Training Experts is proud to offer one of the most successful and highly recommended dealer education seminars in Northern California!

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