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Frequently Asked Questions

We have arranged the FAQ section of our website into two sections, click on the section that applies to you:

1.  FAQ's for those who want to become a dealer


2. FAQ's for currently licensed dealers who need to renew their license




FAQ's for those who want to become a dealer

1.  How much does the class cost?  How much is the Dealer License?

Click on our class calendar for cost of class.

How Much Does a Dealer License Cost? It's not as much as you think.  Read our free article here!

2.  Where is the class located?

Our class is near  the San Jose Airport.  Click here for directions

3.  When are the classes held?

Generally every month. See our class calendar

4.  Who instructs the class?

All our instructors are dealers who are also attorneys and industry experts.

5.  How long is the class?

The class will have 6 Hours of instruction in addition to breaks.

6.  Is the class required by the DMV?

Yes, In order to become a dealer in California you need to take a 6-Hour dealer education class.

7.  How do I become a car dealer?

In class the instructor will walk you through all of the requirements to obtain your license.

8.  What is covered in the class?

The class will cover 22 subjects required by the California Vehicle Code to prepare you for the DMV test.  Below you will find just a brief list of topics covered:

  • Dealer License Requirements
  • How to complete Title Transfers
  • Registration Procedures
  • Financing Rules and Procedures
  • Federal Buyer's Guide Issues
  • Wholesale Procedures
  • Retail Procedures
  • and more....

9. Why do I need to bring a Valid CA ID or CA Driver's License to Class?

State Law requires that for a certificate to be issued at the class the student must bring:

  1. A Valid California Driver's License, OR
  2. A Valid California ID Card

If you don't bring one of the above to class, you will need to reschedule your class for a date when you have the above to bring to class. SORRY NO EXCEPTIONS.

10.  How long is the class certificate good for?

One year.

11.  Is this class for people who want a Retail license or a wholesale license?

This class is for both, whether you want a retail license or wholesale license.

12.  Can I bring a guest to class?

Sorry no.  Our class may only be attended by paying students.

13.  Is there a guarantee that I will pass the DMV test after taking the class?

Yes, if are unable to pass the test, call us and will we make arrangements for you to retake the class at no charge.

14.  May we record or video tape the class?


15.  After class do I need to take a test?

Yes, after class you will need to take the dealer test at the DMV.  We will show you how to make an appointment to take the test.

16.  Do you give a practice test in class?


17.  Do I need a car lot?

Read our free "Do I need a Car Lot" Article Here.









FAQ's for currently licensed dealers who need to renew their dealer license

1.  How often do I need to take continuing education?

Every two years

2.  How will I know that I need to take the class?

Look on your renewal notice from the DMV, it will indicate as to whether or not you need to take the class.

3.  When and where are the classes held?

Click here for class dates

4.  Will I receive a certificate at the end of class?


4.  Can I write a check or use a credit to pay at the class location?

No.  Due to bad checks, we only accept cash at the door.  Checks or Credit Cards will not be accepted the day of the class. 









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If you want to get your dealer license, then you should take the class first.

By taking the class first, you will benefit by learning how to get licensed quick without spending much money.  Click here for class dates.

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