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Since all instructors are guaranteed to be active car dealers, we understand your needs.  Most first-time dealers do not want a big car lot - they just want to do the minimum to get licensed legally.  That's why, (unlike other schools), we really go out of our way in class to show you how to get licensed with as little money possible.  In fact, we have a free article titled "Low Overhead = High Profit" in our Students Only Area.

One of the most common questions students have is whether a car lot is required or not.  We will discuss this in detail during our live class discussion, but here is some general information:

The fact is, many dealers have their place of business in a "home office" while other dealers have their places of business at a small office or warehouse and of course, other dealers have a car lot.  In our class we will cover the following issues in detail:


1.  What types of licenses (retail, wholesale, autobroker, etc) are most compatible with  home offices.

2.  How to keep a home office within the state law of having a "clear and physical" separation.

3.  What the state will look for regarding sharing office space with a current business.

4.  Procedure and current forms to seek property use verification for a home office.

5.  How to find cheap space for a place of business in the event you choose to not have a home office.

6.  How to meet the "minimum" state requirements for being a "low volume" car dealer.


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Learn from the Best!  At Dealer Training Experts our instructor staff includes:

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Dealer Training Experts is proud to offer one of the most successful and highly recommended dealer education seminars in Northern California!

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