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Become a Dealer & Pass the DMV Exam - 1 Day Crash Course

6-Hour Pre-License Class

Welcome to the first step in obtaining your California Dealer's License!

The State of California requires that Applicants for a dealer's license attend a 6-Hour Dealer Education Class and Pass the DMV Exam.

Dealer Training Experts is certified to teach the 6-Hour class.  We are in San Jose.


Our 6-Hour class will:

  1. Show you Step by Step how to apply for and obtain your dealer's license
  2. How to pass the DMV test
  3. Advise you on the laws and procedures that govern auto sales

Click Here for Class Dates

About our instructors:

Learn from the Best!  At Dealer Training Experts our instructor staff includes:

  • Attorneys familiar with dealer laws and procedures
  • Licensed Auto Dealers
  • Finance and Insurance Experts

Our instructors have the knowledge and experience to show you how to get your license quickly and without frustration.

What you will receive for attending:

If you attend our 6-Hour Pre-License Class you will receive the following:

  • FREE unlimited access to our STUDENTS-ONLY-AREA
  • Class instructed by experts with over 10 years dealer experience.
  • Instruction on how to get your license quickly with minimum overhead
  • Dealer Training Experts Course Outline
  • Study Material designed to prepare you to pass the State Exam
  • 40 Question Practice Test with answers
  • All Relevant Sample Forms
  • Dealer License Application Checklist
  • Free Required Postings (Signs you need to post)
  • Free Info on how to make a profit with vehicle financing
  • Free List of all the Dealer Auctions in the United States
  • Free List of DMV Inspectors (where you will take the test)
  • DMV Class Certificate
  • Free Dealer Training Experts Resource CD-Rom 

Class Fee:

Click on our class calendar for cost of class.

Class Dates: 

Click Here for Class Dates


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Dealer Benefits

A Dealer License is a valuable tool and we make getting your California dealer license easy.

Take the Class

If you want to get your dealer license, then you should take the class first.

By taking the class first, you will benefit by learning how to get licensed quick without spending much money.  Click here for class dates.