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Class Topics


  The following is a list of the State required subjects that are covered   in our 6-Hour Pre-license class.  If you want to become a dealer, you must take this class - It is a mandatory requirement.  

   All of our instructors are real licensed car dealers and have law degrees, and our course is presented in an easy to understand format.  

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   1.  California Civil Code, Chapter 2B (commencing with Section 2981) of Title 14 of Part 4 of Division 3, relating to Motor Vehicle Sales Finance

  • Conditional sales contract in writing
  • All costs and terms of payment
  • Signatures of buyer and seller
  • Copies must be furnished to buyer


2.  Motor Vehicle Financing

  • Terms of financing
  • Allowable interest rates
  • Computation of interest and conversion to Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Computation of monthly payments


3.  Truth In Lending

  • Disclosures
  • Contract not executed
  • Breach of conditional sales contract
  • Spanish contracts
  • Dealer carrying the contract
  • Documentation Preparation Fee (DOC)


4.  Sales and Use Tax

  • Collection of Taxes
  • How to compute tax
  • What is taxable


5.  Division 12 (commencing with Section 24000), relating to equipment of vehicles

  • All safety equipment must be in compliance with Division 12
  • Clarification of what is considered Division 12 equipment
  • Division 12 safety equipment cannot be waived


6.  Advertising

  • All media methods
  • Disclosure as a dealer in all forms of advertisements
  • Vehicle identified by VIN
  • All terms of sale specified
  • Illegal use of coupons or simulated checks
  • Withdrawal of advertisement after vehicle sold
  • Honoring the advertised price when a buyer is unaware of the advertisement


7.  Odometers

  • Must be in working condition at time of sale
  • Illegal to roll back
  • Required notification when repaired
  • Odometer disclosure by legal owner of repossessed vehicle


8.  Vehicle Licensing and Registration

  • Types of California titles
  • Transfer requirements
  • Secure power of attorney
  • Signature requirements on documents
  • When registration fees required
  • Transfer fees required
  • Time requirements for transfer
  • Administrative Service Fees (ASF)
  • Out-of-state deliveries
  • Quick titles
  • Refund of excess fees


9.  Branch Locations

  • When required
  • When not required
  • Application and fees required


10.  Offsite Sales

  • Application and fees required


11.  Unlawful Dealer Activities

  • Misusing special plates, or permitting their unlawful use
  • Lending dealer supplies, and permitting misuse of license or books
  • Unlicensed location
  • Failure to pay Administrative Service fee (ASF)
  • Submission of dishonored check to the Department
  • Failure to transfer title
  • Employing unlicensed Salespersons
  • Bait and switch
  • Bird dog fees


12.  Air Pollution Control Requirements

  • Smog test required prior to a vehicle being offered for sale
  • Smog requirements when vehicle is sold at wholesale
  • Dealer allowed to charge $50 for a smog test and $8.25 for a certificate


13.  Regulations of the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR)

  • When a dealer must register with the BAR


14.  Handling, Completion, and Disposition of Departmental Forms

  • Report of Sale required
  • Storage and security of Reports of Sale
  • Completion of Report of Sale
  • Five day dealer notice
  • Window copy of Report of Sale
  • Submission of Report of Sale and other documents to the Department


15.  Basic Licensing Requirements of Dealers

  • Form requirements
  • Bond requirements
  • Required fees
  • Renewal requirements
  • Office requirements
  • Display requirements
  • Sign requirements
  • License posting requirements at the dealer’s place of business


16.  Use of Special Plates

  • Who can/cannot use dealer plates
  • When to use dealer plates
  • Proper placement of dealer plates


17.  Federal Buyer’s Guide

  • Federally mandated program
  • Requirements for display
  • Buyer must sign
  • Buyer receives a copy


18.  Stolen Vehicle Prevention

  • Indicia verification


19. DMV Enforcement Actions

  • Administrative
  • Criminal
  • Civil


20.  Vehicle History Disclosure Requirements

  • Condition of vehicle
  • Known damage
  • Odometer replacement
  • Vehicles which were previous rentals or taxis
  • Previous law enforcement vehicles



  • Lemon Law
  • Service Agreements


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